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Adding a new spot



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Add a pic: Here you can add a new image to our skatespots. Just click on the Image Upload-Icon, and you will be able to upload for a total of 6 pics.

Add Comment: Here you can add a movie to our skatespot. Just click on the Video Upload-Icon, and you will be able to upload a movie. There can only be one movie per skatespot.

Add Comment: With each spot, you can Add a Comment, like: "watch out for the cops", or "this is my favourite skatespot". You also can check who posted a comment with that spot and when he did that. At the comments-page, please fill in your city, so other people know what they can do with the comment you added.

Report: If you know for sure that a spot is no more, or an image has broken down, you can click at this Report Icon. By clicking on it, you can report any fault you want to the webmaster. You don't have to fill in the name of the spot again, we know what spot you are talking about.

Permalink: By clicking on this icon, a Link will be copied to clipboard, so you can easily share the spots with other people. Just type ctrl-v where you want to paste the link, and other people will go directly to the spot you chose.

HELP: You came here by clicking on this icon. If you see this icon at a webpage, you can come here and ask for Help in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


There are several ways to contact me:

- You can send me a mail via the Contact-form
- You can add a new spot at the Newspots-page HELP
- If you want to report a broken spot or a broken image, you can click the Report-icon with the spot

Adding a new skatespot

Don't use the regular contact-form, we have made a wonderfull form for you to add new skatespots or a new skatepark, you can find it at the newspots-page
There is not much to explain, everything is mentioned in front of the field you have to fill in

Advertise at our site

Advertise on skatespots.be and put your brand or site in front of thousands of skatepark riders. Skatespots.be delivers niche targeting in a 1st-class editorial atmosphere. Visitors to skatespots.be are active consumers of gear and information on skateboarding, that means results for your ad-money!
You can check our stats if you want to and you can advertise via banners, text links, animated ads etc...
Contact us for more information about advertising


We have set up a newsletter system, that's only for the people of skatespots.be, we will NOT sell or give away your emailadresses for spam or other mailing purposes. Your email adressess stay safely here in our database. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you always know more than the people who only visit the website. For a contest, the newsletter-members will first get this message, and the site only one or two days later.
You also get some extra oppurtunities to earn money, and you'll get interesting links to skatesites as well as good non skatesites


With our member system, you get points for each spot or image you add. The more you add, the more points you get. The more points you got, the better the stuff you can buy with this points.
In your memberpage you find several options:

Change Password
At this page, you can change the standard pagssword to whatever you want! I think no further explanation is needed.

Buy stuff with your points
You earned enough points to receive cool skatestuff? Then go to this page to convert your points to skatestuff.

Check your orders
If you placed an order, you can check the status of it here.

Get extra points
By clicking on this link, you will be able to order extra points to buy skatespots stuff. You get 7,5 extra points wich wil cost near €1,30. Don't forget to click the link and fill in your email! If you forgot to fill in your email, we will not be able to add your points.

Notify on/of
At your registration you could choose to be notified everytime a new skatespot is added. At this page you can change this option. Everytime someone adds a skatespot, you get a little email with some details as Where it was added and some little explanation.

Add your skatesite
Here you can add your own skatesite, it will be added at the links-page after being reviewed

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