A Concrete skatepark in your village?

This is what you should do:

  1. Join a local skate group, cause alone, you won't get far!
  2. Choose a basic skatepark in the flyer of Public Partners (Download)
  3. Add some skate elements, funboxes, ramps, halfpipes,.. from the Conrete brochure. Please don't overdo, because a basic, little skatepark costs allready 30.000Euros! (Will be able to download)
  4. Mail Kurt Farrazijn of Public Partners with regards of skatespots.be for the price of your self-designed skatepark. Please mention you read this at skatespots.be, he will be glad to help you
  5. Go to your major with this quote with a group of skaters saying you can't skate in your village
    • Some reasons to build a skatepark:
      • A skatepark builds positive relationships among the youth
      • The youth is busy skating; skateparks keep a lot of guys busy and out of trouble
      • A skatepark is very popular and positive and there are no appropriate legal public places to do it in
      • The new skatepark will allow us to skate in that skatepark, not on the streets and in public places anymore
      • ... (Be original!)
  6. And cross your fingers your major accepts your offer!

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