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Opening indoor skatepark in Hasselt


Just a little more patience... Finally there'll be a new indoor skatepark in Hasselt. HOEK 8 will be opening its doors on December 21st! Location: Bootstraat, 3500 Hasselt - Entrance: FREE!

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We've teamed up with Stoked Boardshop


Stoked is one of the coolest boardshops in Belgium! And - in our opinion - one of the best online players in the industry! Thank god for that! because traffic is a pain in the ass around there! Although it's totally worth the trip: Super friendly guys, awesome skateshop, and their own brand rocks! We're very proud to have Stoked as our first official partner!

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Take skateboard lessons in Hasselt


Are you new to skateboarding? Or maybe you want to improve your skills? In Hasselt at the Kapermolen skatepark you can take skateboarding lessons every weekend!

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What do you think of the new Skatespots website?


Our new website is online for a few weeks already! May we brag? :) We love how it turned out! But we're not building it for ourselves of course! We love to hear what YOU think! Our goal is not just to create an online directory, but to develop a mighty cool platform for the skateboarding community!

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